Projects That Make Great Gifts!

September 3rd, 2013 egreenfield

September is the month when people typically begin (or avoid beginning) to think about their gift giving for the upcoming holiday season. With Thanksgiving and Christmas just around the corner, as well as birthdays and anniversaries, it is hard not to start trying to gather or brainstorm good ideas.


You can find a variety of unique gift items right on this website! Many of the gifts can be customized with intricate stencil work or they can be purchased just as they are seen. Either way, everything you find from Jean Hansen Publications is handcrafted with delicacy, precision and care.


As an expert in theorem stenciling, I try to provide my customers and students with a variety of ways to create unique gifts on a variety of surfaces using the distinctive stencils available. By utilizing my predesigned stencils and learning the ┬áTheorem painting technique, you’ll get two purposes from one project; a great gift idea and new, valuable skill practice.


A few of the top gift projects we recommend are listed below:


Greeting cards – These cards are beautiful just as they are without stencil work. Imagine what you can transform it into with detail stenciling. Each greeting card comes with its own matching envelope.


Stencil designed sacks – Who doesn’t love a batch of delicious Christmas cookies or a bottle of their favorite wine? By using a muslin sack and any of my own designer stencils, you can create a beautiful accessory for wine bottles and other homemade gifts.


Stencil work on fabrics – Maybe you are quilting a blanket for a new baby or want a custom holiday table runner. Whatever the case, our stencils work wonderful on fabrics. Textured, colored and patterned fabrics are great for giving theorem designs a unique feature.


Placemats and children’s clothing – plaid and printed materials that need a little boost will get just that with Jean Hansen’s stencils. To begin this kind of project, start out on bleached or unbleached muslin and then fuse the design to your desired fabric.


For more unique and interesting projects that make great gifts, feel free to browse our website page, For additional instructions on using the designer stencils or completing your theorem project, be sure to contact Jean Hansen Publications.


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